Traffic Mania 2021

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Traffic Mania 2021

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Traffic Mania 2021


Traffic Mania is an addictive and challenging game where your main goal is to avoid collision. Do you think that’s easy? Well, you will change your mind when you get into the world of fast moving trucks, cars, buses, and trains. The city policemen are too busy and need you to help them keep the city streets safe. It is not easy as it seems to control traffic on your own, because you will have to concentrate and pay attention to every single detail. Your main goal is to manage all the vehicles in the city and avoid crashes. You have to tap on the car when you need to stop it in order to avoid collisions. When the vehicle is stopped, you can make it move by tapping again. Sometimes, you will have to control more than one car at the same time. The highest score you reach, the better place you will earn at the leader’s board. The first level is the easiest, and it is designed to help you get the idea of what you should do and how to control the cars. When you reach the next level, you will realize that things are getting more complicated. There are more crossroads, much more vehicles on the streets and sometimes you will have to pay attention to the railway and fast-moving trains. You cannot stop the train, and that is very important to remember. So, when the car gets closer to the railway, make sure that you tap it on time to stop and avoid a collision. The emergency vehicles cannot be stopped either. The sound of it will help you to notice them before it is too late. This addictive and challenging game will exceed your expectations. This game is a simulator of everyday city traffic flow. It is designed to fit any age and we believe that the adults will have as much fun as kids do while they are playing. No matter if you need a game that will make your way from your home to the office more interesting, or you need something that will keep your children still while you are taking care of some other things, Traffic Mania is the thing you need. Our goal was to create a game not too complicated, but yet challenging enough to bring laughter and joy to the gamers around the world. We hope you will help us to make the streets of this charming little city safe and that you will have a fun time doing that. Traffic isn’t the only problem the locals are facing, and we are currently creating the second version of this addictive game that will put you in another role. But first, let’s take care of these chaotic crossroads and streets and show those furious drivers how to stay out of risky situations and avoid collisions. Well, we think that now you are ready to start your adventure and that this is a perfect time to join Traffic Mania. We can’t wait to see how you are dealing with all the challenges that we prepared for you. Give your best to beat the competitors and to reach the highest score. That will ensure that the first place and the golden goblet of the leader’s board are yours! Download Traffic Mania today and enjoy!
Traffic Mania is an addictive and challenging game where your main goal is to avoid collision Do you think that s easy Well you will change your mind when you get into the world of fast moving trucks cars buses and trains The city policemen are too

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