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Play Store for PC

Play Store for PC

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That’s the beauty of Google play store and the conglomeration of fabulous useful apps it contains, because basically what is the use of that phone to you without those amazing apps you have flooded in your phone. Who wants to dress and kill then take photos just to leave them lying idly in the phone gallery? For this purpose pictures are taken to be flaunted and shared on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Google Play Store for PC download

Google Play Store for PC download

Basically Google Play store has steadily become a way of life and could quite accurately be mentioned as a basic necessity because without the immense wealth of apps it contains the phones we use could not just be that interesting. To add salt to the injury Google is already inflicting to the software world, it has now come up with a play store download for PC from where users will be able to download play store app for PC directly into their computers. Imagine using the android applications on your computer? Yes it is now possible. How cool is that? Let’s take a quick dive into the history of how this beautiful technology came about.

Google play store which is a digital media store developed and operated by Google was initially known as Android market and was released on October 22, 2008. Play store is the official pre-installed app on all Android trademarked devices which gives users access to content on the Google Play Store. It allows users to browse and download content such as applications, music, magazines, books, newspapers and even gives access to subscription based television programs.

With the release of Google Play on March 6, 2012, the Android Market app was upgraded to the Google Play Store app. Users that were still running on the old Android Market app at the time were prompted to upgrade to the latest version of Play Store which only took a few minutes to install from the Google Cloud.

Depending on the device that the user has, Play store has the ability to filter the applications compatible to the device. With the immense wealth of apps and ever so growing number of applications being developed and uploaded in the Play store, it has the ability to give further restrictions to choice of applications where developers have tied in their applications to certain carriers or countries for business reasons. This can easily be seen from the immense number of related applications on any given commodity like file explorers, gallery, video and music players, browsers, email, antivirus software and so on.

When it comes to installation of applications, Play Store does not play a role and usually prompts the android device Package Manager Service to install them. The package manager is usually seen by the user if he/she downloads an APK file directly into their device. Applications are then installed to the internal storage of the device and under certain conditions they are installed to the external storage card

Applications in the Google play store are available either free of charge or at a cost. The ones charged at a cost are usually premium applications with additional features that their respective related free applications do not have. According to statistics, a large number of android users mostly download an use the free versions as the premium ones at a cost usually have additional features that most users do not deem that necessary.

Applications can be downloaded directly to an Android device through the Play Store mobile app, by directing the application to a device from the Google Play website or by the play store download for pc.

There was an ever growing need for a play store free for pc which would be used on the computers as not everybody has a hand held android device and to satisfy the demand of some for users who preferred to use some of the Google play Store applications on a much larger device with a bigger screen for purposes such as playing games more comfortably and enjoyably and some for daily office work.


To achieve this, we download a piece of software called BlueStacks which is an android emulator by going to Click on a large green download button and choose the appropriate software compatible with the version of OS your PC is running on.
Once the program has finished downloading, run it then click YES on the dialog box that appears. Then in the window that appears click CONTINUE and then click on INSTALL. The installation will then run and take some time.

Download Play Store for PC

Download Play Store for PC

Once it has finished installing, the application will then open in full screen and loading window will start. When loaded you will be presented with a screen filled with play store app for pc. Click on the play store free app for pc that you require to use and then click on CONTINUE in the dialog box that appears.

An Add a Google Account page will then prompt you to create Google account. Create one if you do not own a Google account and if you do then click on SKIP. Click NEXT then quickly click on SIGN IN and enter your log in details for your Google account and then click on SIGN IN again.

Click FINISH SETUP then click on CONTINUE after which click on PROCEED and then sign in into your account again. The program will then hastily fetch the device list after which you will be prompted to click DONE then click on FINISH to complete the setup.

Now that the setup has run, click on LET’S GO then click CONTINUE then move on to click on ACCEPT after which you will be taken to the homepage of the play store download for pc that will allow you to install the play store app for pc that you require.

Select the category you’re interested in and then select an application. On the page that loads, click DOWNLOAD then ACCEPT & DOWNLOAD. The download will then begin. Once the download has

completed click the OPEN button and the app will start.
You will then need to setup the app itself and that is how to download Google Play Store apk download for PC.

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