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Play Store for iOS

Play Store for iOS

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We all know there is three major software that mobile phones run. These are Google Play Store, iOS, and Windows. Google play store has become so dominant that there is now play store download for iOS. Apple has been bringing the heat to Android for the past few years thanks to the exceptional innovativeness of the late Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. Apple even went on to sue the giant distributor of Google Play Store, Samsung in 2012 for violation of six of its patents on smartphone technology and was ordered to pay Apple 1.05 billion dollars in damages. Crazy, right?

Google Play Store iOS

Google Play Store iOS

But who’s laughing now? Yes, there is play store download for iOS now and contrary to belief where it was assumed that iOS users cannot get the Google Play Store itself since Android applications cannot work on iOS devices. As a matter of fact, therefore, this is not true. In fact, iOS users can experience the whole Google play experience and have full access to the Google play store apps and services. Therefore, allow me to bring to rest the speculation that Google Play is accessible and installed as an application in iOS specifically for Google Play Movies and TV as a free app.

This whole new experience can be achieved through a method known as jailbreaking which accesses the root technology which has been proven over time not to be harmful to the hardware. In fact, the move is so safe that users have no need to back up their data. All their content is securely saved which include contacts, messages, media like photos and videos, bookmarks, emails and many others. Let us now take a brief blast in the past or history for the development of iOS.

Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs on April 1, 1976. iOS which was formerly known as iPhone OS was launched on January 9, 2007. It is a smartphone operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. for the iPhone in specifically for its hardware, but usage was then extended to support other Apple devices. It is the operating system that presently operates many of Apple’s devices. Some of Apple Inc. products and devices include Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Play store for iOS can be categorized into play store for iPhone and play store for iPad supporting the iPhone and iPad devices respectively. There exists play store free download for iOS because Google Play considered the expansion to Apple devices because of the Goliath market share iPhone and iPad demand in the global smartphone market regarding sales and user preferences. Play Store download free for iOS was boosted by the move Apple made in outsourcing sales not only via the Apple Store but to the other main retailers like Amazon, Walmart and network operators in some countries. Apple devices are also known to have ample storage space thus meaning support of more play store app for iOS apps and services. For the tides are surely changing and we will not be surprised to see Apple outsource its iOS software to the other leading smartphone distributors like Samsung and Huawei.

Play store download for iOS devices can be installed by users through jailbreaking. iOS jailbreaking is the removal of software restrictions imposed by iOS on devices running it through the use of software exploits. Jailbreaking enables root access to the iOS file system allowing the downloading and installation of additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store. Do not worry about the credibility of jailbreaking for it is proven to work well with all Apple devices without any glitches.


Play Store download for iPhone, iPad

Play Store download for iPhone, iPad

Jailbreaking can be achieved through five steps that should be easy to follow for anyone well conversant with the iOS operating system.

There are some jailbreaking options including Red Snow, Black Ring, and Pangu Tool. Pick one that works for your iOS device, download it and work through the jailbreak process. Be sure to confirm the compatibility of your device to the jailbreaking software versions before starting the process.

To do this you need to launch Cydia from the home screen, tap on the MANAGE button, select SOURCES, then tap EDIT from where tap on ADD. The repository you will need to add is Tap on ADD SOURCE and let Cydia update sources by downloading packages. Now tap on your newly added repository and install Bootlace.

Run bootlace and patch the kernel. If Bootlace is not on your home screen after leaving Cydia, then restart your iOS device and, it should be there. Then launch Bootlace and let it download and patch the kernel. When it is done tap on REBOOT and wait for your iOS device to reboot.

Launch Bootlace again, tap the OpeniBoot option and tap INSTALL and then tap on CONTINUE. OpeniBoot will download and install.

Once OpeniBoot is installed tap on the iDroid button, then tap INSTALL and then press OK and wait. iDroid which is the android operating system customized for your iOS device will download and install. The installation will take a while so be patient.

Once the installation finishes, Google Play Store is now officially installed on your iOS device.
With all these, iOS users need to wake up and smell the modern day coffee since iOS has been known to be proficient at simple things like business but if one wants and desires freedom then play store download for iOS is the way to go because users do not get nickel and dimed at every corner.

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